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Lens Data Summary

Users of the Pentacon Six and the cameras derived from it have at their disposal a range of lenses unequalled by any other medium format camera.  What we now know as the Pentacon Six lens mount was introduced on the Praktisix, which was first manufactured in 1956 by Kamerawerke Niedersedlitz, East Germany.  As the camera was further developed, in 1967 it acquired a new name: the Pentacon Six.  Cameras with the "Pentacon Six" lens mount have therefore been continuously manufacted and distributed throughout the world for over fifty years.

Such has been the popularity of this range of cameras that a number of independent manufacturers have made (and in some cases still do make!) lenses with this mount.  As I have tried to produce a "complete" listing, I keep uncovering further lenses that were at least advertised in the Pentacon Six mount.  In addition to this, there have no doubt been many "custom" adaptions of lenses to the Pentacon Six mount, most of them probably rarely or never offered for sale.  This listing is therefore bound to be incomplete.

I welcome information on other lenses that have been or are available in the Pentacon Six mount, particularly if they are not one-offs.

Meanwhile, here is a summary of the data on the principal lenses, grouped by source, together with further information and reviews of some lenses.
The three principal lens manufacturers for the Pentacon Six, Kiev 60 and Exakta 66

1)  East German lenses made for the Pentacon Six

          Dates of manufacture, calculation dates and design variations in Zeiss lenses

          How the country of origin of East German lenses was specified

2)  Russian and Ukrainian lenses made for the Kiev 60

3)  Joseph Schneider lenses made for the Exakta 66

          Further information on 80mm lenses for the Exakta 66

        For Schneider-Kreuznach lenses marketed by Novoflex for macro work with the Praktisix/Pentacon Six, see here.

Other manufacturers of lenses with the Pentacon Six lens mount

Arsat lenses

     The Arsat 45mm shift lens

     See data on other Arsat shift and shift/tilt lenses below (Hartblei & Arsat shift & shift/tilt lens data)

Astro lenses in the Praktisix/Pentacon Six mount

Dallmeyer lenses in the Praktisix/Pentacon Six mount

A lens from Enna in the Praktisix/Pentacon Six mount


       The Hartblei 2× converter

      The Hartblei 45mm shift lens, including test results

       The Hartblei 150mm lens

       Hartblei & Arsat shift & shift/tilt lens data 
      (This now links to shift lens data; the original link to shift lens tests is here.)

      Hartblei Adapters for using Pentacon Six, M42 and Mamiya RB/RZ67 lenses on digital cameras

Ivanichek Petzvar

Kilfitt/Zoomar lenses in the Pentacon Six mount  

      The 90mm Macro-Kilar / Makro-Kilar

       The 170-320mm Zoomar zoom lens

       The Kilfitt Pan-Tele Kilar 300mm lens    

       The 500mm Kilfitt/Zoomar Sport-Reflectar lens

      The 1000mm Zoomar/Kilfitt Sport-Reflectar lens

      The Multi-Kilar lens converter
      including information on the 150mm and 300mm Tele-Kilar lenses

Novoflex lenses in the Pentacon Six mount

       The 240mm Noflexar lens

      The 500mm Tele-Noflexar lens

      TISPIGRIFF-U Getting Close up with these lenses

      Novoflex lenses and grips for the Hasselblad & other Medium Format cameras

      Literature on Novoflex equipment

      For macro lenses marketed by Novoflex for the Pentacon Six, see here.

Rodenstock Imagon

      Introduction to Rodenstock Imagon lenses for the Pentacon Six

      Detailed information on the history, characteristics and use of Imagon lenses

Wiese Fototechnik, including the results of tests with the 45mm Wiese shift-only lens
(Foto Wiese in Hamburg advertised various medium format lenses and cameras,
all of them apparently versions of products from the Arsenal (or Arsat) factory in Ukraine,
upgraded by Hartblei.)

       A Wiese 80mm lens & Wiese cameras

       Where did Wiese get his cameras and lenses from?

Shift or wide?  Why using a shift lens can be better than using a wider lens

Converters for the Pentacon Six

Other lenses in the Pentacon Six mount

Using Pentax 67 lenses on the Pentacon Six

Using Pentacon Six and Mamiya RB/RZ67 lenses on digital cameras: suitable adapters

See also here: Hartblei Equipment for using Pentacon Six & Mamiya RZ67 lenses on Fujifilm GFX Cameras

Test results for Pentacon Six and M42 lenses on a digital medium format camera, the Fujifilm GFX 50S

Equivalent focal lengths with 35mm cameras

To see reports on lens hoods (shades),
click here.

For information about publicity literature on East German lenses, see here.

Articles in German on lenses for the Pentacon Six
(Artikel in deutscher Sprache)
Book in German on Meyer lenses
(Buch in deutscher Sprache über Meyer-Optik Görlitz)


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